In the Flesh! is a new take on the Pink Floyd tribute genre - an exciting, theatrical rock show, performed by established Chicago music scene vets. A full 6-piece band, the sound and visual production are truly second to none. All the legendary Pink Floyd crowd-pleasers brought to life, in an high-energy format that appeals across generations.

In addition to the visual extravaganza that you expect from any Pink Floyd show – lasers, fog, projections, intelligent lighting – In the Flesh! is constantly striving to present the Floyd legend with innovative visuals that are both true to the past, and simultaneously fresh and unique.

As for the music, In the Flesh! brings the intensity back to these classic songs; playing each of them as if they're being performed for the first time. The show has a raw energy level rarely witnessed in a Pink Floyd tribute, and an interactivity with the audience that reaches out to all ages, making the crowd a vital part of the show.

Paired with that high energy level, is a truly theatrical approach to every performance. Pink Floyd's music is intensely dramatic, and In the Flesh! presents that drama in a tightly-arranged set, blending seamlessly from song to song, almost as much a play as it is a concert.

Come see for yourself - this is not the usual Pink Floyd tribute.

This is In the Flesh!